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Return to Previous Manual Control Toggle

At the moment we have all rooms turned off. Say someone wants a room to be heated but forgets to turn the room off again after. Maybe a toggle to return to the previous manual control?

If a room is already in Manual Control, when changing the Manual Control - have a toggle, near the length selector, to allow Tado to return to the previous Manual Control after the new one ends. Don't show the toggle if the new Manual Control is set to "Until you Cancel".

Our issue currently -

  1. Room is Off - "Until you Cancel"
  2. Manual Control to 20 Degrees
  3. Returns to Smart Schedule if user forgets to switch room off again

Solution -

  1. Room is Off - "Until you Cancel"
  2. Manual Control to 20 Degrees, Toggle ticked to return to previous manual control
  3. Returns to Off - "Until you Cancel"
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  • JakosaurJakosaur ✭✭✭

    Got a scenario for this. It's been hot lately and we've had the windows open so we turned all the rooms to "Off" - "Until you Cancel". One room one night was cold, so the manual control was changed from "Off", to "20 degrees" for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, smart schedule resumed so the next day when the windows were opened on a hot day; the heating turned on.


    1. Original manual control (toggle not shown). | Off, "Until next Time Block" (9PM).
    2. Manual control changed whilst the original manual control was still active. | 20 degrees, "15 minutes".
    3. If new manual control isn't set to "Until you cancel", show "Return to previous manual control after" toggle. | Toggle enabled
    4. When the new manual control has ended, if toggle is enabled; check whether the end time of the original manual control hasn't been reached yet or is set to "Until you cancel". If either is true, return to original manual control until the set time for the original manual control. | After 15 minutes, it wasn't 9PM yet so returned to original manual control.
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