Temperature set in boiler

How do you set the boiler temperature for Tando? For radiators


  • Personally, I would ( have ) set the radiators temp to highest setting. That way your boiler can make the called for temperatures fast and is likely to stay in condensing mode longer than if being limited by the overall boiler temperature. Your boiler can modulate according to demand.
  • Setting your boiler to the highest temperature is not the answer!
    In order for condensing to happen the boiler return flow should be below 50°C and as close to 30°C as possible.
    For my boiler this is 60°C and works well.
    You need to ensure your radiators are all balanced correctly.
    Get a clamp on thermometer and put it on the boiler return pipe and when the system is running check to get as close to 50°c as possible.