Extension Kit connection with Smart Radiator Thermostats

Hi all,

i recently bought 5 smart radiator thermostats and one extension kit. It was basically a misunderstanding with the salesman. i was told that it is possible the following use case: you buy smart radiator thermostats and the extension kit and you could switch your boiler off whenever all smart radiator thermostats reach their set value, or on if only one of them needs hot water. Today I was told by tado support that I would still need the smart thermostat for this because it is the only thing that can communicate with the extension kit. In my case I do not need that smart thermostat. Simply, there would be no space where it can control any temperature because every room is already covered with smart radiators.

I suggest that you consider making this connection possible, because I believe it is like it is now only due to the history because you probably developed the smart thermostat first.

I would like what the others have to say.


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  • That does not sound right. I have smart radiator thermostats in all my rooms that demand heat via the extension kit.

    I do have a smart thermostat for the hot water but none of the radiators valves connect to it.

  • @AdyR So you want to say that smart radiator thermostats can communicate directly with the extension kit?

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