Air Comfort - Humidity Readings

GrayDav4276 ✭✭✭
Hi all,
Today, after installing Android App Update 6.28 I had a quick check of my App to see if I could notice any changes.
When I opened the "Air Comfort" tile, I noticed that within my 9 Tado Rooms, all 9 were showing "Blue" and the humidity readings were between 69% and 77% with 7 of my rooms were over 70%.
Tado always shows some of my rooms as "High Humidity" but I've never seen them "all" as showing this high.
Has anyone else seen this ?? 🤔
Is this a result of the latest App Update ?? 🤔

1. Do I need to "Open" all my windows and doors ?? 🤔 😎
2. Should I "Close" all my doors
and windows and turn the shower on ?? 🤔 😎

Seriously tho' this just a bit of a weird day.....or has anyone else seen this.

ps......what is 6.28 for.....??🤔


  • My rooms have always said this in air comfort..I thought it was just because I was miserly with heat :)

    They all say too cold and too humid, risk of mould. But, we have no mould, that I am aware of.

    Rooms range from 14c in the unused ones to 20c in the main living area where tado still says too cold and too damp!

    I just ignore it these days :)

  • @jpirie
    I quite agree......
    Ignoring it is definitely the best way to go.
  • I have 6.28.0 - no problems whatsoever like what you mention