Which Smart Home platform do you prefer?

Which Smart Home platform do you prefer? 135 votes

Amazon Alexa
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Apple Homekit
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Google Home
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  • Google Home

    I am using Tado in combination with Google home and Smartthing / webcore

  • Apple Homekit

    I prefer HomeKit which I have voted for but I am also planning to implement Athom Homey and probably also Home Assistant. It would be great to see more support for these by Tado as well.

  • Amazon Alexa

    I have tried repeatedly to set up Homekit with Tado, but Homekit doesn't recognise the Tado bridge. It works well with Alexa, so I'll have to stick with that.

  • I have used Alexa and google, but I try and avoid using any manual controls. Better automation should mean I never need to manually control, via app or voice.

  • Other
    Big time Home Assistant user. +1 for the official API request.
  • Other
    Another home assistant user
  • Ditto. Another Home Assistant fan here

  • Amazon Alexa
    This poll is flawed.

    I suspect most people (i include myself) will have used only one or, at most, two home assistants. So the notion of “preferring” one over another is mute.

    I CAN tell you I use Alexa. It works in that I can ask for the temperature in a specific room (on the rare occasion I want to know) and set a room temperature.

    Other than that, I can’t think why I’d want to interact with my heating system using an assistant - not until assistants get much smarter and can set room schedules, etc!

    Now, if we could register guests (for geofencing) via an assistant, THAT would be really useful!
  • HGB
    HGB ✭✭✭

    Home Assistant would be my choice.

  • Other

    The only way to get good programmable control of smart homes is to use SmartThings/webCoRE.

    Please, PLEASE integrate with SmartThings.

  • Other

    Also, I'm currently using Google Home for speech control, but could just as easily be Echo or HA.

    I love my tado - the house is full of it! Integration of the best heating control system (tado, of course) with the best fully flexible smart home system (SmartThings/webCoRE) would really be a world beating system.

  • Amazon Alexa

    I use Alexa, it works pretty well, no complaints.

  • Other

    Athom Homey Pro, really fed up with Alexa

  • Amazon Alexa

    I'm using Alexa as that is the home assistant platform I bought into a few years back and have various home automation tasks setup. Its painless, it works as in I can ask that a light turns on or off, temperature is set etc, etc

    I have messed about with IFTTT for other automated sequences that look to my energy costs (Octopus Agile) and control a switch for the hot tub, that change paid for the wireless 16A switch in less than a month

    As others have said, no complaints and in reality...it's a method to control a heating & hot water system that provides a finer level of control than legacy thermostats / TRVs, perhaps i'm missing something but what more do people need to do with it?

  • o00batman00o
    edited October 2020
    I use homekit API with homeassistant. It has the avantage to be a local protocol but it has some limitations :
    - Humidity is updated only when it changes by 5 %
    - No way to return to auto Mode
  • Amazon Alexa
    Amazon Alexa
    I had a couple of Echo dots b4 I bought Tado system. Linked Tado and Alexa together, and it's fantastic tbh
    I'm a bit of a control freak and this set up really works well.
    10 TRV's and 1 Smart Thermostat all working in harmony.... 😎👌👍
  • @xraysight
    How did you manage that?
    I have been trying to look in to that setup but as soon as I delete my Tado schedule i lose the connection to the thermostats in my HA setup.

    And when i have both a schedule and a node red setup can i only get changes in the temps for a short time.
  • I use Alexa and Google Home in equal measure, favouring each one for different things.

    I would say that Google Home does have the edge over Alexa for most things we use - Tado, security camera arm/disarm and lights. Google's weather data is also much more on point, and navigation.

    In fact, while we do still use Alexa for lights, I have removed all the thermostats from Alexa and have them solely in Google Home. However, I still prefer to use the Tado app for Tado, rather than voice commands, as then I can see exactly the consequences of my request and how long my overrides will remain in place. Sometimes voice commands have unintended outcomes and no clue that the wrong thing happened.