Which Smart Home platform do you prefer?

Which Smart Home platform do you prefer? 69 votes

Amazon Alexa
HeatexpertBingstrollerRusselldamienjmIptsoespongyBenjietv_8Paolo64rkleiner0NeelytirrailfAndeeandreig1978RobholdingLynchsteve97mouseymars 16 votes
Apple Homekit
GermánFrankGertprincpjelockwoodkobekesCharlieummarioJREiTaloTonyKJohnnyBigstreamDavydeVriesDirkDMitchKRichard_WCB83iMatuJachool 25 votes
Google Home
Techie93NicjohnburTorbenOLawtonCaillteMarschristian_terpJasonUKMiskurMawsenDitsyMaurixraysightJowie83ronwebberbobbywisegeo24yoimooDenni1972 22 votes
mroelandtsDutchmanNLVicNicklessmrmike1989Egp01 6 votes


  • Google Home

    I am using Tado in combination with Google home and Smartthing / webcore

  • Apple Homekit

    I prefer HomeKit which I have voted for but I am also planning to implement Athom Homey and probably also Home Assistant. It would be great to see more support for these by Tado as well.

  • Google Home

    I am actively using Home Assistant and Node-Red for controlling Tado. It works pretty well but I would appreciate official API to be finally published.

  • Amazon Alexa

    I have tried repeatedly to set up Homekit with Tado, but Homekit doesn't recognise the Tado bridge. It works well with Alexa, so I'll have to stick with that.

  • I have used Alexa and google, but I try and avoid using any manual controls. Better automation should mean I never need to manually control, via app or voice.

  • Other
    Big time Home Assistant user. +1 for the official API request.
  • Other
    Another home assistant user
  • Ditto. Another Home Assistant fan here

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