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Different learning groups associated with different schedule blocks

The problem I'm having started when we re-arranged our tiny apartment and found ourselves sitting directly across from the wall mounted air con. In order to not be freezing, we had to train the air con's fan to always point high so it shoots over our heads. However, during the night, we used to have the air con pointing directly down so it could be blown into our sleeping room. Now we are running less efficiently because we can only pick one fan position associated with all schedules.

My suggestion is to have multiple customizable learning profiles (i.e. Cool/Fan Up, Cool/Fan Down, Warm/Fan Down). Then we could associate these with each schedule block as we see fit, adjusting for the time of day.

This would also make switching seasons easier as I wouldn't have to re-train my tado each season to learn a new group of settings for my AC.

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