can you install a tado thermostat of any kind in a housing association flat ?

I have been living in my Flat (Housing association Notting Hill Genesis) for a year now and have full rights as a tenant I wanted to install a tado smart Thermostat v3+ with 2 smart radiator thermostats. so i checked first with my housing officer if I could do this a week later i was contacted by my housing officer and was told that I was turn down by the reheating and hot water team they reviewed the information I had sent them about the tado system there reply was that the issue is that Notting Hill Genesis would not cover any heating or hot water repairs if any faults with the system are due to the thermostats as they provide and maintain the appliances related to the heating system they can only install and repair appliances sourced by there heating contractor as it may cause complications if the thermostat causes an issue and a repair call out is needed so the hot water team are not prepared to give permission for the changes has anyone else have had any problems with this this question is intended for those living in a housing association or council property or even private landlords