Let me give you all a warning about being lied to by the online support from Tado. I was watching on eBay a smart thermostat that the seller had 'inherited' in the flat he took over. He already had experience of Nest and so removed the Tado thermostat and bridge and replaced them with his Nest. He made it clear that he had tried to register the Tado but the thermostat was already registered. As he was a tenant the letting agency wouldn't let him have the previous tenant's details and so he was uncontactable.

So I contacted Tado support and told them all about this. Here is a copy/paste of the important part of the conversation:

(03:27:38 PM) Me: It's an eBay seller

(03:27:43 PM) Me: He moved into a flat

(03:27:51 PM) Me: It was already there

(03:27:55 PM) Valnea : the email is - [email protected]

(03:27:57 PM) Valnea : ok

(03:28:05 PM) Me: He doesn't know who the previous tenant was

(03:28:16 PM) Me: But I'll send you pictures when I get it

(03:28:24 PM) Valnea : do you have any kind of transaction proof, eBay send confirmation emails and such, that will also be ok

(03:28:32 PM) Me Yes of course

(03:28:36 PM) Valnea : thats fine:)

(03:28:40 PM) Me: I'll send your screen shots of everything

(03:28:47 PM) Me: Thank you for your support

(03:28:53 PM) Valnea : we will then remove the devices from the old account and you will be able to register them :)

(03:28:56 PM) Valnea : my pleasure

(03:29:01 PM) Me: Once it arrives I'll send you everything

I've removed my name from this and replaced it with 'Me'.

So you can see that the Tado representative gave me total assurance that I would be able to register the thermostat.

It arrived the other day and so I sent Tado Support the serial numbers and auth codes of the thermostat and bridge. I sent them screen shots of the eBay transaction - exactly as Tado told me to - and then they told me they had changed their mind.

This has gone back and forth and basically they have totally stitched me up. I only bought this because they assured me that they would allow me to register it. So, I am waiting for a senior manager to call me but I don't hold up much hope.

My next step is to pursue this through the small claims court. It's only £45 but it is the principle of the thing.

So, all of you need to watch out. If Tado can royally stitch me up with this what can they do to you? If their advice causes you a loss of money or damage to your property you'll be left high and dry by them.

I am tempted to sell all of my Tado stuff, even if I make a loss, and stick with Nest. I have absolutely no faith in this company to tell the truth or look after their customers.


  • It's look like Tado doesn't want people to buy second hand product. They only want to sell you new product.
    So the real warning is that Do Not Buy used Tado product as you will not get support.
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