Read information from boiler via standard OpenTherm.

Hello there,

It possible to read info from the boiler via OpenTherm protocol?

Like this:

  • Flame status
  • Fault indication
  • Relative modulation level
  • Boiler water temperature
  • Return water temperature
  • Control setpoint
  • etc...

Lof of data posible to read it via OpenTherm. Check this PDF relevant side:

5.3.4 Class 4 : Sensor and Informational Data

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  • I would also be interrested in those data... It is very helpful when you need to solve any problem in heating installation...

  • What?? A External company is able to see this things, but the owner is not? Is it true???

  • This is exactlybwhat I was asking about too. I was testing also Honeywell T6 and it was possible to read all of this info. But Tado does not allow you anything. Not all users are not interested about what this device for that price is really doing
  • That's great if you want to call in an expesive service company. I'll stick to local qualified gas engineers who get to actually keep what you pay them for their work. Furthermore, surely Tado would be required to gain consent to share the data. It does not belong to them.

  • So they surely get all of these info so why not to show them also to customers. Thats what we are paying for. At least they can show the water temperature and time when boiler was running in their funny reports that are useless right now.

    Any Tado admin here?
  • I'm also onboard this train

  • HGB
    HGB ✭✭✭
    Many users would like this. It's not necessary to have this sort of data in the app, but it would be quite useful to have it in the webapplication.
  • At the very least it would be nice to get an alert when an error appears, such as low water pressure.
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