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Totally new to Tado, set up yesterday, thought I would add some suggestions in case they are of use.

1) Setting up Smart Schedules. A copy option would be fantastic as, certainly with my setup, the core of each days settings are very similar - having to manually replicate each time was a little tedious.

2) I have a hot water controller on my set up. It seems that the button on the top of the hot water 'bridge?' is only used for pairing. It would be really useful if a single press of that put the hot water on for an hour so you didn't have to scramble for your phone. Support information on the hot water side seems a little light by the way - I tried looking to see if this was already supported but didn't seem to be able to find anything specific to the hot water control in the support section.

3) There doesn't appear to be any error message when a radiator thermostat is out of range of the Internet Bridge, pairing just fails constantly. It happened that first time I had initially paired in range then then installed out of range which showed the single radiator as offline - all the support articles seem to reference the whole system being offline rather than potential to have a single radiator offline. Maybe it would be possible to have three vertical lines if there was no response from the internet bridge (being different to their being no response from the Internet)?

4) It would be great to have the option to invite someone to 'my tado system' so they are covered by geofencing without also giving them configuration control of the whole system. For example I have two teenage daughters, I would want them to be covered by geofencing so the house is warm when they are in it but I don't want to give them the ability to change schedules, room configurations and the like. This would essentially be a separation of 'admin' and 'non-admin' roles at the point of invitation (or in the people section).

5) I found it wasn't possible to move the room location of the smart thermostat, you can however move the room location of the radiator controls (odd given the smart thermostat is portable yet the radiator thermostats are screwed to the radiators). I initially miss-understood the set up of my smart thermostat and called it 'heating' then wanted to move to lounge, a room I had already created with a radiator thermostat in it. I eventually managed this by renaming the room the smart thermostat was in to lounge (I then had two lounges!) then moving the existing radiator thermostat to the new lounge (in the process that deleted the original as the smart thermostat had been the only device in it).

Hope this is helpful. 😀

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