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Don't defeat the hot water preheat by running such low temperatures in the central heating

Hi. I use a tado thermostat connected by electronic bus to my Worcester combi boiler to control both heating and hot water preheat. The problem is, when the demand for heating is very low, tado continues to circulate really low temperature water around the heating system, therefore preventing the hot water preheat from working.

Please can you create an option to set a minimum flow temperature or minimum heating demand threshold, so that below this threshold, the tado will stop making a demand to circulate water to the radiators. This would allow the hot water preheat chance to do what it needs to do when the central heating doesn't really need much heat.

For example, if tado is calculating that it needs to run water around the system at less than 50C to maintain the temperature of the house, I would rather that it stopped the demand for heat altogether (therefore allowing the hot water preheat to to do its thing) until the need for heat has become significant enough that a flow temperature of at least 50C is required. As long as the central heating is either off or running at at >=50C, then when I turn on the tap I will get hot water (either because the hot water preheat function was on, or because the boiler was running at a good temperature anyway for the heating). If the heating is allowed to run at 40C, then when I turn on the tap, all I will get is 40C until the boiler has taken time to warm up.

Thank you.

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