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Heating schedules for shift workers

A lot of people do set shifts on a varying basis. For example it's common in heathcare for there to be an early shift, late shift and night shift to cover the 24hr need, and staff will be assigned different shifts on different days, not necesarily conforming to a 7 day reapeating cycle.

There should be the ability to create a schedule for each shift and store these schedules as named shifts in a repository. Then when the employer gives out the rota, the user needs to be able to tell tado which shift they are on on which dates and tado will use the approproate schedule on the appropriate day.

For example, this Monday I might be on an early shift and want the heating to come on at 5am, drop down a bit from 7am then warm back up from 1pm then cool down again at 8pm for bed. But next Monday I'm on a late so I want my late schedule to run, and the Monday after could be a night shift. I don't want to have to keep re-programming the schedule every week, programming 4 events x 7 days every week - it would be much better to just be able to say "late, late, early, early, day off, night, day off", and it would refer to the repository to know exactly what temperatures and times it needs to run for those shifts.

This would also be useful to create schedules called "school day" and "day off" for example. By default Monday-Friday are school days and Sat/Sun are days off, but occasionally you want to be able to assign a Monday as a day off. Similarly, maybe you don't normally work Saturdays, but once a month you want to run the "working day" schedule on the Saturday because it's your turn to work that Saturday.

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