My boiler fires up when all devices are off?

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Please help. I am trying to find out why my boiler fires up for a couple of minutes when all devices and hot water are off. Could this be an issue with the wiring during installation? All devices say they are connected. The system works but something is making the boiler fire up at random times…. My heating bill is £800 pcm and I have 21 smart thermostats, hot water kit etc… I have spent a fortune. I had a local plumber install it who hasn’t worked with the product before.

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  • catp
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    I have rung a few of the suggested local plumbing companies suggested by tado app and no one has worked with the system


  • do you have "Early Start" in your schedules enabled ?, if so try disabling it.

  • Mine is the same, the boiler keeps running when everything is switched off and this goes on for hours!

  • Check if your system is calling for heat in the tado app and if the CH light is ON on the wireless receiver. If it’s not calling for heat, a dodgy zone valve or motor, or wiring, would be on the suspect list.