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Change Indication of Pulse Width Modulation in the chart

In the chart, there is possibility to see only 4 type of heating up according to the pulse width modulation: None, High, Mid, Low. Could that be possible to make it visible in the chart? Not like a grey zones, but a signals representing ON an OFF of my boiler. I would like to see that because my thermostats call the boiler just for the heating via on/off signal and I would like to have clue how often. The forth levels of pulse width modulation is not sufficient
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  • In a simple way... The grey shades coding in the report indicates the level of power for heating in case for power modulated boilers. But I am using only ON/OFF call for a heating up. (My boiler use their own equitherm regulation for setting up the temperature level of the water for heating up, based on ext temp) And I would like to see how often my gas boiler switches. I see that e.g. for some times it is running so often for a very short period of the time, 10 folds seconds. And it is not so healthy for a gas boiler much. So if it is possible for you to have the switch for those who use on/off system let them be able to switch the view from colored coding to on/off coding in the report.
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