What's the best new UK gas combi-boiler that plays nicely with Tado?

I have Tado V3+ and the Extension Kit controlling the boiler (Glow-worm Ultracom 30CXi) digitally on eBUS. Current boiler is on its last legs and needs replacing. I'm in the UK.

Which gas combi-boilers play best with Tado regarding digital communication, modulation, weather compensation etc...?

Of those, which are regarded as the most efficient and reliable?

And finally, are there any that should be avoided/not touched with a barge pole?

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  • JohnWH
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    My experience with a Baxi 836 combi-boiler digitally (OpenTherm) controlled via a Tado v3+ controller wirelessly linked to an Extension Kit has been really positive. I also have equipped most of my radiators with TRV's (12 in total) allowing unoccupied rooms to be 'dialled down' in temperature. The efficiency of the boiler over the previous one coupled with the Tado system & TRV's has considerably reduced my gas consumption - I estimate to approx 60% of what I was using month by month the previous year. The boiler also has a 10 year warranty and it seems to be popular with central heating engineers.

    I would assume that the Baxi 600 series would also work well with Tado controls as it is very similar to the 800 series but comes in a little bit cheaper and only has a 7 year warranty.

    If you have any more questions I'll do my best to help you.

  • andyblac
    andyblac ✭✭
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    I agree with @JohnWH the Baxi 800 series is the best way to go, it fully supports OpenTherm. I have gotten my Gas usage down to about 110m3 a month, in the dead of winter. Previously it was about 240m3 on my old Main series boiler. The savings that can be gained are huge, but you do have to change the way you heat your home, to get the best savings, swap too "Low and Slow" method for best results IMO. By this I mean have the Max Flow Rate set to about 55˚c (or even better 50˚c if you have large enough radiators to cope), this will make your combi-boiler the most efficient it can be. But, using "Low and Slow" method will make the room take longer to reach target temperature.

  • tadouser1000
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    I've got the Ideal Logic C30. Works well with Tado using OpenTherm


  • Chris_L
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    Thanks for your responses @JohnWH and @andyblac

    Baxi 800 series it is - if I get a choice. Fingers crossed that I'll be able to get a government Nest grant. I'll be asking their surveyor if I have a choice. If I'm able to I don't mind topping up the grant to get a system that's the most efficient/reliable.

    Currently, all the rads have Tado TRVs on them. It was those that drew me to buying the Tado system in the first place - being able to zone & schedule each room. I've also got the stand-alone temp sensors in most rooms as the ones on the TRVs were all over the place - even after setting an offset.

    I understand the need for the "return" temp to be below 54 for condensing to start, and for it to be below ~45 for maximum efficiency. I'm already taking the "low and slow" approach. In a 100+ year old house (no cavity walls) currently the flow needs to be 60, sometimes 65 when it's chilly outside. Any lower & parts of the house struggle to achieve set temperature, especially when it's brass monkeys outside. I'll be talking to the surveyor about whether any of the rads need upgrading to achieve a lower working flow temp. Thank God I haven't got the dreaded micro-bore pipes feeding the rads!

    Guys, if (like me) you're the slightest bit techy/geeky then for energy saving you might be interested in this:

    I have a Hubitat smart home hub that works with a myriad of other smart home kit & sensors. It has a Tado integration. I don't pay for Tado's geofencing & open window detecting - the Hubitat does it. The Hub' knows if our phones are home or away & controls Tado accordingly. If windows are open, Hubitat turns off the heating for that room. The same happens if the bathroom fan is on - no point heating the room just for the fan to suck it straight outside! If I go to bed early the Hub' has a "goodnight routine" that includes turning the heating off automatically.

    Of course, this also means having door/window sensors but these perform other functions too. Along with motion, light, water, temp & humidity sensors they control automatic lighting, smart window blind motors atached to "dumb" blinds, extractor fans, house security and warnings for water leaks, fridge/freezer doors left open or temps too high. I haven't got around to setting it up but the system could instruct Tado to only turn rads on when there's movement detected in a room, or perhaps when a specific door is open/closed.

  • @tadouser1000 - The surveyor from the NEST scheme (British Gas engineer) has just been. He said the boiler they'll fit will be the Ideal Logic C30 so happy days. I'd have been mortified if it wasn't compatible after spending all that money. Oddly he hadn't heard of Tado!

  • That's great @Chris_L

    There are plenty of comments on the forum from people that have successfully configured their Logic boilers to work with Opentherm and Tado so if you have any questions just post and I'm sure we'll be able to help