Issue with the measured temperature curve

The measured temperature is not smooth. What do I mean is... there is a existence of regular, small, flat local temp zones on the temp curve. Is that some physics behind...? Seems it is not reasonable. Is that an error on the measurements or is this correlate to data exchange to your server/cloud?


  • GermánGermán | Admin

    Hello Miskur,

    It can be that the temperature gets flat at some point, but normally that would be unusual. If there's disconnections of the device and temperatures are not registered, there will be a blank gap in the graph, not flat line.

    Maybe is worth to consul this case with our support and the specific details of when you've experienced it:



  • Thanks for responding. I will contact the support. It is not a big issue, but not logical, you know when temperature is dropping down almost linearly and there is some several almost regular flats on the curve. Seems like a bad assigned timing to the measured value saving to the cloud or whatever.
    See you.
    BTW... I like the system/solution you provide.
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