Energy Savings Report

From speaking with Tado Support I've found out that Tado cannot measure the Energy if Heating is turned off.

Can I ask whether any other customer has experienced over the Summer months (July and August) whether the Tado App has produced an Energy Report (I get Low Activities) as my heating has been turned off the past 2 months. However, on my schedule it turns on at 15 degrees over night, but obviously the heating never kicked in as it never went below 15 degrees. So really it has been turned on at scheduled times over the whole week over the past 2 months, but Tado cannot produce a Savings Report off the back of this information as it's not measured anything.

In the eyes of Tado they see this as 100% Energy savings, if that's the case, can we not have Report showing us this, if the heating is turned off for example.

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