Has tado° changed your heating energy consumption?

Energy prizes per litre/gallon/M3/kWh have gone up considerably. This is a given you or tado° cannot change. What we can change is how much energy is used.

So our question to you is:

Now that you are using tado°, has your heating energy usage (not energy cost) changed? If so, to what extent?

Has tado° changed your heating energy consumption? 15 votes

My energy consumption has gone down
RobHeatexpertandyblactadouser1000pconeeezytigerFloobwateroakley 8 votes
My energy consumption stayed roughly the same
samdAlbert_64GrayDav4276rafm5oost1346 5 votes
My energy consumption has gone up
DavydeVriesjbm1991 2 votes


  • It will be very hard to determine whether Tado has had any influence on energy consumption because no two years weather/temperature/travel habits are the same.

  • GrayDav4276
    GrayDav4276 ✭✭✭
    My energy consumption stayed roughly the same
    My personal attitude to energy usage has changed significantly.......however, this is not down to any savings generated from installing and using tado° Any "real time" savings from tado° use is minimal at best.
    I agree with @what_a_tado's sentiment .......it's not really a "level playing field" because no 2 years are comparable.
  • Correct, to accurately compare usage you need to compare energy used per heating degree-day. And assume nothing else has changed in your heating behaviour outside the use of a Tado device.

  • wateroakley
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    My energy consumption has gone down

    For Februrary and March 2022, we consumed 20% and 24% less energy than the previous monthly minimum repectively (2018 to 2022). 'Manual' intervention most days on the programmer and room stat from November to January was +2% to -8.5% compared to the previous monthly minimum. The ability to easily control the zones and individual room temperature/time does mean that we frequently adjust the rooms in the app to suit our present use.

    Whilst no two years are the same ... to remove the temperature* anomaly for 2022, I've checked the energy consumption at the same outside temperature* in previous years. Comparing months that are +/- 0.1 deg C, our energy consumption has reduced between 11% and 29%, mean = 20%.


  • Albert_64
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    My energy consumption stayed roughly the same

    The conversion of the 10-year-old gas heating to a modern condensing boiler resulted in savings of around 20%. Tado was bought afterwards, but fell far short of the advertised reduction of up to 31%.

    Since we have Tado, consumption has decreased by about 3-5%.

  • GrayDav4276
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    My energy consumption stayed roughly the same

    @wateroakley .......WOW !!

    That's impressive research.......I just hope that you didn't use the figures supplied by tado° for your comparison checks.

  • Rob2
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    It does not mean much. In March 2022 I used 40% less gas than in March 2021 even though in both years I had the Tado system. 2022 was much warmer than 2021.

  • My energy consumption has gone down

    @GrayDav4276 Analysis from our own usage data and the Central England Temperature (CET) record.

    Whilst the daily usage has noticeably reduced, the overall results are helped by 'geofencing' on duty days. Instead of remembering to manually turn the programmer 'off' at 7am and coming 'on' when it's programmed, we are reminded to turn everything 'off' when we leave home and 'on' shortly before we arrive home.

  • eezytiger
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    My energy consumption has gone down

    My energy usage has without gone down since installing Tado last October (7th). However, it is impossible to quantify how much of the reduction is due to Tado vs other factors. Specifically....

    • In June last year my 33 year old aluminium double glazing was replaced with acoustic (laminated) double and triple uPVC glazing throughout. I also replced/improved the reflector material behind my rads and slightly improved loft insulation.
    • I discovered in autumn last year (heating went back on on 29th September) that none of my 33 year old TRVs were functional as TRVs. They were no better than on/off controls with no fine adjustment. This is what led me to seek replacements. As a technofile I chose a fancy solution (Tado) rather than like for like replacement with new dumb valves.
    • I learned far more about the operation of my boiler and the importance of balancing the system and maintaining low return temperatures during this quest than I had ever learned in my previous 59 years on the planet. This has led to modified behaviour in setting the boiler flow temp, monitoring flow and return temps and the tweaking the Tado system to minimise the return temperature to the boiler.
    • Climate has changed since last winter, which was an especially cold one according to my gas consumption records for the past 4+ years.
    • Heating needs/preferences change over time, maybe room usage, so no two winters will necessarily have the same expectations for heating.

    So, with that out of the way, here is a chart of monthly gas consumption since January 2018. The yellow line represents 2021, and you will note the very high consumption last winter (January all the way through to May/June), making comparison with this year's numbers potentially misleading.

    In contrast the consumption in October-December 2021 (still the yellow line) is almost the lowest (with Tado and new windows, doors and knowledge in effect) in each month. So that's very positive.

    This year (light blue line) I only have data till mid April, but the savings for Jan/Feb/Mar against the previous four years is significant.

    So, it all looks great, but I have no idea how much of that is thanks to Tado and how much is thanks to better insulation, knowledge, weather, functional valves or modified heating needs. It's impossible to quantify.

  • samd
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    My energy consumption stayed roughly the same

    I voted my usage stays the same, however, for this winter, my gas consumption dropped considerably because my supplier produced a £1 million prize fund against a series of energy reduction targets for us all to meet. Worked wonders!

    Now if tado did something similar, their product would work just as well.😉

  • This is my fifth year in this apartment, and I think the third year since I installed the tado system. My first year I used 550 m³ gas. Last year, 270 m³ and this year (ending in July) I'm going to end below 200 m³. The tado system helped a lot with that, especially after I had plumbers come in to replace the stuck open radiator valve in the largest room with the largest windows (still single pane as of now) facing the north-east, but I actually don't use that room all that much.

    But I think the biggest difference over the last winter is that I no longer have the house heat up automatically, I always have to turn up the heat manually. That usually works pretty well as I keep upping the temperature the first half of the evening and then later on I usually get a bit warm anyway. But sometimes it doesn't work so well when it's relatively cold and I forget to turn up the heat and then it takes a long time for it to become comfortable. But it really does save a lot of m³s!

    I wish I could make the tado system automatically heat up slowly, even if the current temperature is 2 or more degrees below the target temperature, rather than having the boiler run at full blast with the radiators super hot and the return temperature to the boiler being just 5 degrees lower than the output temperature, that can't be efficient...

    Integration with motion sensors and door sensors could also be interesting. I tried setting that up in Apple's Homekit but it didn't work really well.