App Says That 20.1°C Is Cold

Is there any way of adjusting the system so that what I think is cold is actually appearing as cold on the Tado app?

In my house I normally set the heating to 19°C and we all feel very comfortable with that. According to my Tado app we are cold - but we are not.

By the way, it is currently dropping to 7°C outside at night but not dropping below 19°C inside and I am not planning on turning the heating on until the end of September or early October!


  • Hi @Catfunt

    Yes the max/mini of Humidity and Temperature in the Air Confort should be configurable.

    For instance in France, the Ademe (National Energy Agency) recommendations are the following:

    Temperature for bedroom (a bit low for me) is between 16 and 17°C and two degrees more for a baby room.

    Restroom, home entrance temperature should be 17°C. 14°C for unused room even between 12°C to 14°C if it's unused for more than 24h.

    Bathroorm temperature should be between 19 and 22°C

    So clearly have a room around 19°C shouldn't be returned as cold status. Maybe we need an additional state like "Normal" between "Pleasant" and "Cold"

  • I definitely agree with you, and those figures look fair.

    I'm not sure how this system would save heating costs if it is encouraging us to over heat our homes...
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