CoNstANt temperature?


I had the opportunity to test two totally different systems: Tado and Netatmo. I remained with Tado for a strange reason, hoping that the minuses will be compensated in time. The reason why I remained: geofencing and an app with a better UX. What I was waiting, and don't really understand why the changes don't come although the competition is doing this well:

  • set and display temperatures on smart valves with decimals (.5 at least), as in some situations/homes 0.5 degrees more or less can be felt
  • keep the temperature steady. After the Netatmo system learned the rooms and building, I was surprised how it keeps the temperature at .1 precision. And it's simple. Knowing the thermal inertia and temperature loss in different situations of outdoor and indoor temperature, heating should be able to be planned with precision, both moment and duration. Unfortunately, with Tado in some rooms I have temperature deltas of up to 4 degrees before and after heating is turned on, during the same schedule stage.



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  • Tado uses a simple PID (as they once told me)

    It doesn’t look like the gains can be adjusted, but in your case (and that of all of us) you would be looking at increasing D, to get rid of the fluctuations

    In reality, I don’t think it would make much of the difference as you’re measuring the temperature of the valve anyway (and not the temperature of the room)
    What does Netatmo do?
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