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    Another box ticking exercise, whilst avoiding the most asked for requests. Why on earth have they not given you the option to choose dark/light like every other app does?
  • I just registered also today to add my comment that I would like the option to turn off dark mode.

    Dark mode in Tado is awful, the contrast of colour is very poor and difficult to quickly see the status of a room. And I have no issue with my eyesight or colour, but I do work in a UI focused dev team and how this was developed and released from an accessibility point of view seems crazy.

    Please give the option to toggle dark mode and/or select themes. Toggling dark mode is surely a very quick and easy fix that impacts no one unless they want to change the default colour coming from the OS.
  • Thanks for the feedback.

    This is just to avoid misunderstandings:

    The dark mode is only enabled when you use dark mode on your phone in general. You can turn OFF tado dark mode by disabling dark mode on your phone in general.

    I would like to know in which situations you want to have dark mode on your phone, but not in the tado app?

  • samd
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    @jurian I can hardly believe you have written your last sentence above unless you have not read the posts preceding yours, many of which, gave perfectly good examples!

  • @samd I have read them, I would like to get more.

    I saw:

    • Colour blindness not working with dark mode
    • Contrast not being high enough
    • General dislike of the tado dark mode while other dark modes are better.

    Did I miss anything?

  • GrayDav4276
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    Yes @Jurian

    You have missed the blindingly obvious reason.......USER CHOICE

    Does tado° have the undisputed right to decide how their users should apply features to their phones.....??🤔

    ps @Jurian .........the above comment is not the same comment that I informed you about via our recent DM

  • Jurian, not sure if your comment is for me or in general. But it’s fairly easy to understand the ask from everyone here:

    - add a toggle/option in the Tado app to let us choose what mode/theme we want

    Many, many apps do this. If this is not just a dark mode toggle in the settings, then a normal pattern for the setting option is:

    - use system colour
    - dark
    - light

    Also it is unacceptable to say turn of dark mode for the entire OS if I don’t like how Tado have implemented it.
  • @docirl

    I completely agree with your comments.......it's really "Not Rocket Science" to offer a choice for a feature that doesn't appear to have been requested (in high numbers) in the first place.

  • @Jurian telling people to turn off dark mode in the system settings is not a great response. You need to put an option to turn off dark mode in the app, like literally every other app does.
  • Please note: I am not the product manager. I am just trying to collect the feedback to forward to our PM team. They are the ones making the product development decisions.

    As to why this feature was introduced, as you are well aware, the features that are implemented are chosen on the basis of many inputs. The community forum is just one of those. Please keep in mind that the community forum really represents a small fraction of our overall users (the power users).

    Next to existing users, there are also reasons such as marketing, strategic reasons etc..

    For this feature, one of the key reasons to release it was to accompany the introduction of the black Smart Thermostats:


  • rafm5
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    [...] implements feature upgrades that really aren't fully developed.

    @GrayDav4276 It's a common practice nowadays. Software industry is the one mainly affected. Main profit: cost saving.

  • @Jurian

    It seems to me that tado° employees (in all their various forms) are supplied with a set of "filters" that can be applied to any interaction with its customers (without customers then you have no company). Apply the tado° filter that allows tado° to interpret the questions/suggestions/complaints in a way that is comfortable for tado °........really not good customer relations imho

  • luteijn
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    Some apps work better for some people in dark mode, some in light mode. There is no 'one size fits all' setting of the global option that works, so each app 'should' come with at least a tri-state switch to choose between 'dark', 'light' & 'just follow OS'. Bonus points if you have more states,
    like 'follow diurnal pattern', 'use light sensor', 'opposite of OS', 'base on phase of the moon', 'randomize completely', 'apply complex user supplied formula' or 'rainbow candyshop mode', but the basic 0,1,Z choice should be there.

    Furthermore I am of the opinion that hardware and software should be independendly useful. Don't tie the hardware to the cloud software.
  • Kai22
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    I want the option to switch off dark mode too. I use dark mode on my phone but on the app the contrast is not good enough for me to quickly read the information
  • cbd20
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    @Jurian I'm an Android phone user, who uses dark mode by default on the main operating system. However, I tend to choose how my other apps show depending on the appearance I prefer.

    My tado app finally updated last night, and I have to say I am not a fan of the dark mode in the tado app at all and would definitely like a toggle to go back to the light mode.

    Now, I understand that tado released the dark mode software update to go with their new black thermostat offering. That's a marketing thing, and absolutely fine, however, to force that software dark mode upon your existing user base who almost certainly all have the white thermostats doesn't make much sense.

    Yes, some users were asking for a dark mode, but I suspect the majority weren't bothered. The "power users" as you like to refer to this forum community will likely have been aware of this dark mode incoming, but your average consumer is in for a shock next time they open the app and I expect a lot won't be pleased with what they see. I suspect you'll find a flurry of reviews on the various app stores complaining about it in the coming days.

    The answer given that to return to the old light mode means you have to turn off dark mode across the whole device, is simply bad advice. You're basically saying to a user that they should compromise everywhere else to fix a tado shortfall...

    Finally, to claim on the support pages about the battery life saving is probably a step too far too. Yes, I understand that on an OLED screen having black pixels does theoretically provide some sort of battery saving, but the reality is that the tado app use case is such that most users will dip into it for less than 30 seconds to adjust their heating, so any savings will be almost non-existent.

    In some respects tado should be applauded for taking a request on here and running with it, however the implementation leaves a lot to be desired. Users like choice. In the same way that every tado user will have their own preferences for room configurations, schedules, set temperatures etc, every user will have their own preference on light or dark mode, and that won't necessarily align to how they have the rest of their device configured.

  • Hi @Jurian.

    For me 'dark mode' should invert black and white and change nothing else.
    Ie black text on a white background becomes white text on a black background.
    I still want all the other app colours to stay the same. The colours you have chosen look disgusting to me. They look grey and murky or in the case of the 'care and protect' button simply horrid.
    On dark mode I want the colours to 'pop' on the screen. I'm not trying to sneak around like a camouflaged ninja while trying to set the bathroom temp.
    Most other apps get this right. Tado has not.
    This is why I want to revert to the light scheme for your app but keep dark mode for my phones OS and most other apps.
    Your comment to change my whole phone to light mode rather than Tado adding the simplest of toggles is arrogant in the extreme and shows a complete lack of respect for your customers.
    Claiming this is for marketing reasons is as presumptive as U2 loading their album onto everybody's iTunes without asking and I hope you get as much of a backlash over this as Apple did over U2.
  • fluffymitten
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    I like dark mode. I have that as the default on my phone, desktop PC and laptop. It's far easier on the eye when you spend as long as I do every day staring at a screen. I would like to see a toggle as suggested above. I'll have a good around all the screens in the app to make sure the colour palette works but first impressions are good.
  • Well that's 1 nod of approval for tado°
    So, that'll be a done deal as far as tado° is concerned.....very little chance of a change now.
  • the only issue I have with Dark Mode, is that room heat graphs are hard to see the 3 heat stages. Instead of dark greys, maybe switch to a colour.

  • :s I don’t want dark mode on the tado app. If I choose to have it on my phone that’s one thing but I hate it on the tado app and want to turn it off on the tado app ONLY
  • Since dark mode was released the iOS app seems to be a bit buggy with occasional missing icons and incorrect font styles. The issues are always preceded by an unresponsive app. Screen below has no icons on the top row, wrong font and the temperature slider is incomplete.

    IOS 16.1 and app 7.1. @Manuel @Jurian

  • I hope with all this feedback TADO will roll back dark mode ASAP. The dark mode looks more like a bug, not a feature.
  • GrayDav4276
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    This is unfortunately something that happens on a regular basis following tado° App releases..........it's almost as if there's a rush to "get it out there" before actually checking that it integrates with the current version of the App.......I actually "expect it" and never allow an automatic tado° App update until it's been out for a couple of weeks......during this time any issues/ bugs have been identified by users and corrected by tado°........it's pretty poor if you ask me.

  • @GrilledCheese2 over the past months, more and more parts of the app have been migrated to "web view". This will enable us to develop/maintain the app without having to develop for 3 different platforms (web, Android, iOS).

    If you are encountering bugs on the home screen and room screens please follow these steps:

    1. Report them to us, by opening a chat on tado.com
    2. Try and change the stock browser on your phone (maybe try Google Chrome if it is currently a browser provided by the phone manufacturer).

    @GrayDav4276 There is quite an extensive Alpha/Beta release cycle for each app version. However, it is impossible to release all updates without any bugs appearing. Especially if you look at how varied the Android/iOS hardware landscape is.

  • @Jurian

    I know about the Beta App feature.........in fact I was a Beta user.......however, during this time, I never received any details / notifications or requests for feedback on any "new" App features..........go figure !!

  • GrilledCheese2
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    @Jurian I totally understand why webview is being used, but changing the default browser on iOS devices will have no effect. iOS only uses one web engine; browsers like Chrome and Fire Fox are just skins on top of Safari.

    Would be good to have a mechanism other than the chat portal for reporting bugs.

  • I just spent 20 minutes in the app looking for the on/off toggle.

    It is there right? I mean it has to be there…right??

    It is unimaginably stupid to have designed such a contrast in colour and tone (poorly) and have not included the on/off toggle.

    In my view, it is as big of an oversight as not including the on/off switch for the heating itself!

    Four years of waiting for:

    A: Bad colour balance and tone.

    B: Forcing a device wide disabling of dark mode just to be able to read some of the interface.

    C: The knowledge that the developers clearly did not care enough and probably should not have released the update at all!

  • Dark mode in tado looks completely crap and I hate it with a passion but there is no method to switch it off in the app. How idiotic by the developers. This is basic ui design to allow yes/no/default option. App is unusable in dark mode. Worst implementation of this mode I have ever seen
  • Yes totally agree! ... how do I tune dark mode off!?
  • @imcat

    You should add your VOTE to others regarding this topic.