Tado and DHW (domestic hot water) temperature setpoint

Hi guys,

after installing Tado I was no more able to set the DHW on my Ferroli boiler.

My boiler provide the possibility to setup the DHW temperature via OT (Open Therm) from the termostat or via a potentiometer on the boiler itself. Unfortunatly, as you connect an OT device to the boiler the DHW setopint is set to the maximum and the onboard potentiometer is ignored.

As a result, even if I tryed to setup via potentiometer or using a different OT thermostat as I connect the Tado the DHW temperature is set to the maximum allowed value from the boiler.

I didn't found any way to setup the DHW temperature via the Tado app, could you add this functionality?

I even used an OT sniffer but it seems that the Tado thermostat do not send any command related to DHW setpoint.


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