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Smart Electric Towel rail element

I use Tado in my current property and find it useful.

So much so that when we move home which is due to happen in 4 weeks time, after considering other Smart heating solutions I will go a Tado system.

Eventually I will upgrade the whole of the central heating system, but will be starting by remodeling the upstairs family bathroom. This will involve a new Towel Rail.

I've been looking at Towel rails with Electric elements as during the summer/warmer periods we don't have the central heating on so the towel rail doesn't warm up. Hence fitting an Electric heating element into a towel rail so that this can be heated independently from the rest of the central heating.

My suggestion is that this is controllable via Tado but this doesn't exist at present. even though there are 'Smart/programmable' elements on the market.

The Smart Thermostatic valves aren't the answer either as I've been informed they don't fit the majority of towel rails and most importantly it would lead to firing up the whole central heating system to have warm towels which isn't cost effective.

Please Tado Developers can you either develop a smart connected Towel rail element or work with an existing Towel Rail element manufacture and incorporate this into the Tado ecosystem.

If it was something that could be retro fitted to the majority of Towel Rails on the market it would prove very popular.

Cheers Dai

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  • Surely though if all your rads have Tado TRVs, you can turn on that individual TRV through the central heating, and only that one rad will get hot?

  • Hey

    So I was told by Tado customer services that the Tado TRV don't really work with bathroom towel rads and also the point is to not fire up the whole central heating system in the warmer months just to heat one rad...

    If tado wants to be the one stop shop and my go to controller/App for my homes heating needs it needs to be more than just the radiators, and the water based elements of my heating system. What about the electrical elements such as heated towel rails and electric underfloor heating??

  • Completely agree. I own a rental property that has electric heating. The panels are currently controlled by wireless room thermostats linked to a switching box between the panel and power supply. The current system has no connectivity

    It would be great if Tado could release a product to enable smart control of electric heating. Especially as electric is probably the future with the desire to move away from gas and reduce household emissions

  • TimmTimm
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    I control a small heater in the cloakroom and also an electric towel rail in my en-suite, using TG WiFi’ enable fused spurs. Whilst these are Wi-fi enabled there is no way to integrate to 3rd party apps. It would be great if Tado could develop a fused spur which integrates with Tado.
  • It is possible (with planning) to use the existing Tado range to control electric heating. Taking a towel rail as an example if you just want it to turn on and off (not using a roomstat) then you could use an extension box (as long as you aren’t already using one). If you do want roomstat control ie turn the towel rail off if the bathroom reaches x degrees, then you could use a smart thermostat. You need to be careful as the relay contacts are only rated to 6A but this would be more than enough for a towel rail. Also great care is needed when it comes to positioning the device in a bathroom taking in to account any national wiring standards etc.
    If the load will exceed 6A then it could still be done but via a contactor but this does further complicate things.
    With regards electric heating, the most awkward thing is that very few new electric heaters are designed to be turned on and off by external thermostats and generally have thermostats and programmers integrated within each unit, many with Wi-Fi control using the manufacturers own app.
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