Assign individuals to smart radiator thermostat

In our apartment, the three members of our household live on three completely different schedules. Currently, when one of the three members gets home, everything (smart thermostat & smart radiator thermostats) switches to ‘Home’ mode. As a result, when I am away, my bedroom will be unnecessarily heated. I would like to assign individual members of our house to individual radiator thermostats.
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  • I agree. I made a similar suggestion direct to Tado via email over a year back as we have an occasional but regular guest for one bedroom. Being able to switch his heating and hot water "on" via geofencing especially when we are on holiday would be a real benefit.

  • same here....

    i asked tado last year about it, and apparently it was in the works, but the works seem to be a bit slow..... :(

    apart of that, a great idea would be to have like admin and user accounts, so the geofencing works, but the users can not manually override the setting.

    please Tado team look into this asap!

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