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Cooling abilities

Support suggested I put this here, so here we go. I am going to buy hybrid radiators that can both heat and cool a space when using a heat pump. The specific product is Jaga Strada Hybrid. They have 'regular' thermostats, but I would like to use a smart one. Unfortunatly your Smart Radiator Thermostat can only deal with heating and not cooling. Hopefully this is only a software issue.

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  • Same here. I have a heat pump that can switch to cooling. Would be so nice if Tado could deal with it.

  • Right now I'm looking into getting a hybrid heatpump to heat and cool. To me it looks like Tado is not fit for this role at all.

  • Same here:) Support suggested I put this here too a long time ago, I just forgot to do it.

    Basically, making the Smart Radiator Thermostat work for cooling is pretty simple, this is just a software update, basically Tado could do it in 2 ways:

    -Simple one, autonomous to the Smart Radiator Thermostat, doesn't require a "brain" (like a Smart Thermostat connected to the heat pump): You just duplicate the scheduling to create one for "cooling" then you can switch the Smart Radiator Thermostat from "Heat" to "Cool", of course it assumes that you actually "provide" the radiator with cold water:) but that's intended.

    -The complete solution (which should still include the one above) may require a new hardware connected to the heat pump, but maybe this could just be a firmware/software update on the Smart Thermostat itself. It would just handle the communication to the heat pump using OpenTherm (I haven't dig too much into this though) activating the switch from heat to cool for all Smart Radiator Thermostat at once.

    Anyway, if the Smart Thermostat can't be updated, if it's the only thing to buy/change, it's ok as long as I don't need to change all 7 Smart Radiator Thermostats.

    We need more votes for this, as it's clearly a great (and much needed) feature

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  • Hello Tado,

    Please add some smartness to the thermostat. Lot's of people have a heat pump and almost all heat pumps can cool too. Last year we had a summer with temps of over 40 celsius and now we have 30+ in june in The Hague. It would be nice to use the cooling feature.... But I need a Honeywell thermostat for that. Tado cannot produce the signal to start the cooling function. Can't be that difficult (if Honeywell can do it....)

    But I see more people made a similar request a while ago without a reaction from Tado.

  • Same here, my floor has heating/cooling capabilities. I believe with a simple software update that can be solved by changing the direction of trigger. To be simple a manual heating/cooling selection could be added
  • Same here. Either a manual switch or a software switch to turn NO into NC (and vice versa).

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