Smart Ac control 10°C setting



  • Really disappointed that this well argued and much needed feature request is ignored.
  • I’m amazed that there would even be discussion about the need for this. Obviously, since my Ac unit supports temperature settings down to 8C, tado should allow those as well!
  • Hello!
    First time poster here.
    This is an absolute vital feature for me also. Currently I’m able to lower the temperature to 16 degrees Celsius but my AC unit supports 8-30 degrees range.
    Please make this happen asap.
    Thank you!
  • as many others i would like this feature. I tried to use the offset to +10 degrees in the hope that it would turn off when it’s 20 (actually 10) but it does not seem to work
  • Thanks, Poul. This is the way to do it. Come on everybody. Go vote! 💪💪
  • Nice done, Soren! 👍👍👍