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More refinement for away mode for hot water

When away from home it’s great the heating automatically ‘goes off’ but what would be really useful is that the schedule for the hot water could remain in place. The scenario is we go out for the day but need hot water water when we get home late in the evening. At the moment the only way to ensure that is to set the away mode for hot water as ‘on’ which to me is keeping water hot unnecessarily, especially during holidays.
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  • I wish Tado would add extra functionality for scheduling hot water on arriving home. In the meantime I can suggest a couple of alternative solutions.

    1. Turn off location-based control for the evening hot water schedule. This will give you hot water every evening, regardless of your location. The setting is under Advanced Settings, which is accessed by editing the time block.
    2. Use the cloud based services IFTTT and APILIO to give you added functionality. I have a setup where if I arrive home at anytime between 5pm and 10pm it will turn on Tado for 45mins to reheat my hot water cylinder for the evening. If I come after 10pm or I’m on holiday then the hot water stays off. Not easy to set up, you probably need to be familiar with coding concepts to implement for yourself.

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