Internet Failure - Heating Control

Has anyone else noticed that without the internet the heating control effectively becomes "dumb" not smart?!

I really wished i had known this

Its almost essential that if there is an internet failure the local system should keep the timer settings as a minimum

We had a connection issue and the system defaults to its last state - meaning wake up in the morning and everything is off, house cold...fortunately the hot water is warm because the tank can keep the water warm for greater than 12hrs.

Manual on/off locally isnt good enough - this is a serious flaw in my opinion?!

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  • VertigoVertigo ✭✭✭

    Yep, without internet, this system becomes less capable than my 30 year old mechanical clock thermostat. This seems to be the trend. My doorbell doesnt work without internet. I mean seriously, it does not. Fortunately, people can knock.

    But for heating, this is unacceptable. internet connectivity is great, but there has to be a fallback schedule so at least it can do what any old clock thermostat can.

    Similarly, I really hate the fact I cant wire in DC or AC in to the wall thermostat. So not only am I dependent on the internet working, Im also dependent on AA batteries not running out while Im abroad.

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