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Manual Control or Smart Schedule Icons on Tiles

When opening the app and I see a room is off, I have to click the tile to see whether the room is off because of the Smart Schedule or if someone has turned that room off via a Manual Control.

Having an icon on the tile to show whether the current state of a room is via manual control or smart schedule. Maybe place that on the top left of each tile. Only saying top left as I recommended a Recently Heated Symbol for the Top Right 😅 https://community.tado.com/en-gb/discussion/788/recently-heated-symbol Might look better the other way round? Don't mind 😂

You already have the icons for Manual Control (Hand with finger pointing) & for Home (House) & Away (Person walking). For Home/Away icons, it depends as usual on the current household members locations. Basically whether the system is in Home or Away mode. Just think this is necessary to show whether someone has turned a room off manually or whether it’s off in the schedule. Also useful with other temperatures too, just our use case though 🙂

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