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Preset Recall

Hi there as we approach our first winter with our Tado system which we installed back in the spring and are very fond of I have a question. Can i set my ground floor, three zones to a specific temperature without having to go into three different zones and setting the temperature.

Examples are social occasions or perhaps when activity is all over a specific floor I want the kitchen, dining room and lounge to be a temperature until the next scheduled change.

One option would be dynamic groups - say you have all your rooms as a individual zones and being able to group these zones together and set them.

Or have a preset - zones 1,2,3 set to 19 deg until next change. Perhaps this could be from the likes of IFTTT, if we were able to set zone to 19 deg until next change, one could then stack zones under one IFTTT button.

I appreciate versions of this have already been requested.

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