Fix early start bug for TRVs / vroege start met thermostaatknoppen werkt niet

Please fix the early start functionality for TRVs. This function is not working for more than 3 years now!

When the early start is enabled the room reaches the target temperature hours too early. Tado ignores this error since 2016 and states it has low priority. On their website they still claim this a a feature.

After complaining about this on (a Dutch tech-forum) the answer was: please make a topic on our forum as we do not see any complaints there.

So please; if you experience issues with the early-start on TRVs please leave a note below as a kind reminder to Tado.


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  • Should be known with them though:
  • I'm pretty sure they are aware. But they just keep ignoring it :-)

  • I have the same issue. Promissed that this would be fixed in 2017. Still no fix :(

  • Please fix this indeed!
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