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Lets be honest, home automation is a mess right now. So many standards, from zigbee and zwave to proprietary standards to private wifi clouds.

I have only a few "smart" devices in my house; I have a wifi doorbell, some wifi bulbs to experiment with, Logitec harmony hub for my media center setup, and tado. I was looking in to expanding this with automatic shutters, motion sensors, smart lights throughout and a few other things, but making them work together is proving to be a nightmare.

And im not even setting some high bar; I want things that ought to be simple, like turning on the light and raising the temp when I enter a certain room. Turning off all lights when no one is home. Pressing a button to start a tv night, heating up the living room, dimming lights, and starting the media center. Stuff like that, which should be trivial.

But its not, because there isnt a single platform that supports my limited number of devices. I can use smartthing for most devices, but smart things doesnt work with Tado. To interface with tado and my home cinema, I can use openhab, but openhab doesnt work with some of the wifi stuff, unless I start soldering and flashing tasmota on it. I can use google home to control all most all my devices, but I cant create any scripts in google assistant to tie them together, and the interface is lousy. If I end up needing half a dozen apps on my phone, I may as well just use conventional switches.

Please tado, dont make it any worse than it is. I suspect your devices use zwave or zigbee under the hood, please document and open up the API so third parties can interface with it directly. That way more advanced users can choose what platform they want to use, third parties or even end users can provide functionality you are not offering yet. Please, focus on selling hardware, provide useful software for users who just want to use tado via your app and cloud, but dont try to protect the software part from people who want more, who want to run their own hub and dont want to be tied to someone's cloud, let alone, multiple clouds.

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