Boiler active (on/off) status indicator in app

It’s great to see the temp in the house through the app while away but I’d really like to have a ‘active’ indicator too so I can see when the boiler is on.


  • 1 +++++++++++++++++++
  • Very useful idea to check if the system is functional after installation!
  • +1 from me for this (just padding to 18 chars)
  • Agreed!!! +1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • They had this feature in the original app - had 3 bars that would show the level of heating the boiler was doing too. I asked Tado if they could put it back in v3 but seems they haven’t yet. That app also used to show the outside temp too.
  • As Nevski said! Outside temp and level of heating demanded to boiler (as in v2 app) would be great!

    Also, in v2 app, we could navigate from one room to the other swiping left and right, I'm unable to do that in v3+ app.

  • Totally agree, would be big help to monitor the real energy usage!
  • +1 for this feature.
  • I agree. level of heating indicator in thr new software version is a must!
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