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Below my findings using the Tado app on android. Much of the criticism and many of the suggestions and requests can be found elsewhere on this forum, but I thought Id go through the app and list my findings.


- impossible to reorder tiles

It would seem rather basic we can change the order of the rooms somehow.

-adjusting temps

This interface to adjust temps is a bit clumsy. Whats wrong with + and - buttons?

- Confusing layout for temps

The home window shows measured temperatures on top and in large font. The set temperature is on the bottom (and arguably too small). There is no visual indication of the difference between them, or the trend in the difference. Is a room heating or cooling? Hard to say. When you click on a zone the order and font size reverses: set temperature now shows on top in large font, measured temp is in tiny font at the bottom. I understand the logic of swapping font size, but this is still somewhat confusing and perhaps at least the order (measured temp on top, set temp at bottom) should remain consistent. 

- measurement and target resolution of 1C of TRVs is much too coarse

The device itself has 0.1C resolution exposed throught the API; even if accuracy is significantly lower due to the placement near the radiator, there is no reason to hide this information as it is still useful in many scenario's. For instance to see a trend (is it going up or down?), or when you are feeling a little cold to estimate if the boiler is about to fire or if you should increase the target temp. Increasing the target by one full degree is quite a massive change though. Measurement should be shown at 0.1C resolution and setting the temperature should be at most in 0.5C steps.

- No indication of boiler activity

There is no way to see if the boiler is being triggered anywhere in the app. This should be visible on the home screen. There probably isnt another thermostat on the planet that hides this info.

- Only 1 measurement per zone

When multiple TRVs are used in 1 room, it would be useful to see all their measurements somewhere, not just the master. It would also be useful if we could average temperature readings of all devices and use that as trigger, rather than selecting 1 master. (It would be even more helpful if we could use cheap tado or third party zigbee/zwave/.. sensors that we can mount on the wall).

- Setting smart schedule is tedious when you have many devices and zones.

You should be able to copy/paste settings from other zones or create templates that you can assign to various rooms. The interface itself is also rather clunky when you have many or short entries or entries in the evening, which are invisible until you click them. Why not show this vertically?

- Log files 

There is no logging of data. All data (measured and target temps, humidity, working modes, boiler activity, ..) should be available in csv or some other format for analysis, if not on the phone app then at least on the website. 

- Chart

The existing chart is not very good. It opens in full screen (why?) in landscape mode, whereas the main app does not even support landscape mode, meaning you have to rotate your phone. You can not zoom on the chart, or scroll, you can not select a point on the chart to get actual numerical values (on android) and both X and Y axis divisions are so coarse you can only guess at the values at some time. The charts dont align from one day to the next. We should have infinite scroll and zoom like any financial chart on the internet. The charts do no show when the boiler was on for users with on/off boilers. Ideally the charts would show when heating power was requested both by the current zone and by any another zone, using colors to differentiate. There should be a way to easily navigate from the chart of one zone to another zone, that does not involve: swiping up to get the navigation bar, going back, rotating the phone, selecting another zone, clicking the chart icon, rotating the phone again. Perhaps allow combining multiple rooms in one chart. Minor bug: the weather overlay toggle works in the opposite way of the other overlay toggles, being shown when the button is white, rather than grey.

- Missing trend indication on homepage

It would be helpful to see a trend per zone, for instance if a zone is being heated or cooling down. This could be done by having a simple 1hr chart in the background of each tile or some arrow or similar visual clue. If a chart is shown, a consistent scale is important to differentiate tiny fluctuations that are not important from actual significant temperature changes.

- Away detection and Open window popups

There buttons should be available, always. Current method is unacceptable. Manual control over home/away is probably the most requested feature on the forum. There has to be a manual override. For when working in the garden, when I leave the house without phone, when my phone is forgotten at work, when a non family member is in the house, when the phone battery is dead, .... I would suggested 4 modes of operation the use can choose:

  • On (home mode)
  • Auto (auto assist, current default mode)
  • Away (override geolocation either for current user or for everyone)
  • OFF 

API control over home/away would be very helpful too to integrate Tado in home automation.

- Air comfort

This tile shows a lot of info, but omits relative humidity. It would be helpful if Tado showed when would be a good time to open windows to reduce inside humidity by calculating and comparing absolute humidity inside and outside. Ideally it could even look at the smart schedule to suggest a good time that doesnt cost too much energy.

Settings page

- Overall navigation is confusing.

The home page has a tile per zone, but does not let you access any settings besides temp. The settings page has the same list of zones, this should be available from the temperature tile in the home page by clicking a wrench icon. The relation between zones and devices is not very clear, since rooms does not show devices, but the device list does show rooms. Some settings like temperature offset would be more logical to assign to a device than a room and finding that setting is harder than it should be.

- list of useless options

Weather adaptation does nothing. Smart schedule does nothing. Air comfort does nothing. Stats and analytics does nothing. Why are these prominent options in the setting menu? The fact you feel the need on those pages to explain where the relevant information or setting (if any) actually is, is evidence that the app needs a redesign. Maybe these pages should be turned in to "tips" that are shown to new users, but they are pointless to people familiar to the app and just end up being confusing and hiding actual setting pages.

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