Geofencing heating with two Thermostats for two appartments in one boiler / zones


Here is scenario:

One building and Two appartments, share one (Vaillant boiler) as common bolier for two apartments. Each appartment has it's own one Tado Smart Thermostat. Each thermostat has its on program/heating schedule. Both Thermostats are connected and are controling one boiler (by Tado support configuration). Some people are living in appartment1 and some are in appartment2. All people have Tado mobile app with Geofencing feature enabled.

Current Geofencing feature behaviour:

Only when ALL people (from appartment1 and appartment2) are away from Home, Tado suggests to switch to Away mode for all building (two appartmnets).

Feature suggestion:

Please allow as to specfiy which people are living in which appartment (which Tado Smart Thermostat) , so Away function will work per Thermostat (and appartment) and not the whole building. In sam way like currently each Thermostat has its own schedule and temperatures.

Feature request: implement geofencing, not per building, but per zone

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