I need a 'day off' feature like Honeywell Evohome has

Firstly, I'm slightly disappointed that I've invested considerable (financially and time-wise) in Tado, and I've seen pretty much nothing interesting in the way of product development in the last 9 months. I opted for Tado rather than Evohome because I believed that as a newer kid on the block, Tado would innovate and end up a far better system than Evohome, but I think I may have been mistaken...

Anyway, I really want a 'day off' feature. A button in the app which I can hit and suddenly the system will switch to the 'saturday' programme. Someone said in another thread that the geolocation feature makes this day off function irrelevant but that it totally NOT true. I often work from home, and I stay in my office. I'm the only person in the house and I only want one room heating. So my typical Monday-Friday 'home' setting would just be one radiator on. BUT when the kids are off school, I want to be able to activate a 'day off' meaning the system will switch to saturday programme and heat up the whole house.

Totally makes sense and sounds pretty simple (to me) to implement. Can we get this please?

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