A reaction from Tado?

I see a lot of comment on these communities, mostly with really good ideas and the most importants one with lots of comments doesn't have any reaction from Tado.

I saw the thread about Manually set Home/Away or the child lock. There are really simple features but quiet important in a daily use of the systems and the lack of those are really annoying but the lack of response from Tado is worste.

I don't see the point of communities if they don't listen to them.

So as Customer, I advise everyone to set bad reviews on Amazon or any reviews website and when they will see theirs sells numbers take a hit, maybe they will respond.

I hope...


  • I’ve had exactly the same thoughts and it really annoys me that no one from tado replies much, this was one of the main reasons I got rid of hive (in the U.K.), it feels like we are being ignored.

    I have been looking for tado’s CEO’s email address to complain, in hope to kick start better communication from them, but so far this has been unsuccessful.

    So if someone is reading this from tado please start communication with us and let us help you make tado an even better system than it is now, after all with us customers buying into tado keeps tado alive!!
  • +1 from me

    don't think they read here

  • +1 from me too

    Anyone from tado home?
  • This ties in pretty much with the complaint about the removal of the development road map: https://community.tado.com/en-gb/discussion/818/keep-public-roadmap-up-to-date#latest

    To repeat myself: It is very nice you want to engage in dialogue, and keep track with the wishes of the users. However, currently the dialogue feels a bit one-sided and the users have no way whatsoever to keep track of the development.

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