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How to control 'Frost Protection' mode on a heat pump using 'AC Control V3+ ' ?

My heat pump has a built-in frost protection option/mode which keeps the temperature at around 8 deg. C

This can be turned on and off using a dedicated button on the original IR remote control .

How do I set up my AC Control V3+ to control this functionality?



  • At the moment the disappointing answer is:you can not!
    There is a poll in the "ideas" section for this feature. Tado have not yet realised how important this is!
    Br, Anders
  • edited November 2019
    Link to poll: https://community.tado.com/en-gb/discussion/1796/smart-ac-control-10-c-setting#latest
  • Probably we will need to buy another smart controller as Tado does not care about heat pumps in the Nordic.
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