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Tado Smart AC Control V3+ thermometer to advice AC unit thermostat

I have an AC/heat pump (Mitsubishi Electronic) that we use exclusively for heating (in Sweden). The internal thermostat keeps the temperature on an even level throughout a day, but as it is placed inside the AC unit it does not manage to compensate for large variations in the outside temperature. When the outside temperature gets below the freezing point I have to increase the goal temperature on the heat pump with several °C to compensate for the increased challenge to the house.

I have tried the thermostatic mode on the Tado control which turns the heater on and off, but the result is a much coarser operation by the AC. Either it runs on a fixed (probably high) intensity or it is off. The room and house temperature and comfort varies a lot more than in non-thermostatic mode. The AC internal controller regulates the operation intensity (for instance fan speed) according to the temperature gap, which is preferred.

I wish the Tado control to just tells the AC/heat pump unit to increase or decrease the goal temperature a degree or so when needed over longer durations, but lets the heat pump control the operation intensity. For instance, the Tado AC Control thermometer discover that the room temperature has been one °C to high the last hours (the heat pumps heats more than necessary due to higher outside temperature) and then tells the heat pump to decrease the goal temperature by one °C. Is that possible or something you plan?

Thanks in advance for any response!

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