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Removal of IFTTT integration - horrendous


Is anyone else really really disappointed (or even angry) with their decision, just announced, to remove IFTTT integration from Tado?

Personally, we are using IFTTT in multiple ways which are foundational for our home automation and I'm not sure how else these integrations can be achieved, specifically:

  • using the Home/Away status from Tado (which works really well) to assist with our lighting automation by setting a virtual switch in our lighting system to indicate the home/away status from the use of the app which can then determine whether specific lighting automation for house occupancy is run;
  • automatically making changes to heating around holidays (especially in winter) where we need the heating to start up based on a calendar entry a day before we arrive, giving the home time to heat up from being in "frost protection" mode

I'm really unhappy with this change and frankly don't understand why it is necessary. Having home automation systems that talk to the widest possible set of other services is what home automation needs to be about — and not restricting the infrastructure in such a way as to make it almost stand-alone.

At the very least, Tado need to enhance their services so that calendar actions can be easily added (something like a "holiday" and "holiday return" mode based on dates) for the house warm-up after being on frost protection whilst away in winter.

How do we try to convince them to continue with a sub-set of features on IFTTT such as allowing at least events from Tado (such as home/away switch) to be surfaced for other home automation systems?


  • SteveIreland

    I tried IFTTT once, but found it surplus to requirements, it didn't do anything I couldn't achieve by using Alexa.

    I realise everyone's needs are different, but Alexa Routines do everything I've ever really needed.

  • pcone
    pcone ✭✭✭

    Similarly, the integration with Home Assistant is excellent. A bit of a steep learning curve, but worth investigating

  • cbd20
    cbd20 ✭✭✭

    @AndrewM can I ask where you've seen that reported? I can't find a statement anywhere.

    I, too, would be disappointed if it is to be removed. Similar to you, I have a number of lights that run on a schedule to turn on automatically half an hour before sunset. I use IFTTT to get the geofencing status from tado to determine if the house is occupied. If it's not then IFTTT disables the lighting schedule, so they don't needlessly switch on. When anyone returns home, it reactivates the lighting schedule.

  • martini

    I haven't seen the discontinuation notice myself yet - but if I had to wager a guess as to why: IFTTT has been quite bad when it comes to keeping promises and decent pricing. Thinking back, they offered a "name your own price and you'll pay that price forever" and then started going back on that promise pushing people into way more expensive subscriptions, conveniently forgetting about the "forever"…

    I wouldn't be surprised, if they pulled a similar stunt on their developer partners (such as tado) by increasing the price it costs to provide a service on their platform. At least I do remember some other, 3rd party services, quoting crazy price hikes for their dismissal of the IFTTT platform.

    Another theory might be, that they are just dropping IFTTT since it's not compatible with Line X - at least when I connect my home, IFTTT does not offer any heating zones/functionality…

  • rafm5
    rafm5 ✭✭✭

    It never worked properly on my end and the lags were just horrendous. The new pricing policy made it not worth it.