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Smart Radiator Thermostat - New batteries 2 months after replacing

I have a few Smart Radiator Thermostats (for over a year now), and am generally happy with how they work.

Ever since I got my first email regarding Low Battery, this was part of it:

"This has happened sooner than the expected battery lifetime. We are aware of this issue and are constantly working on software update solutions and will update your devices to greatly improve the battery lifetime. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

I can live with replacing batteries every 9-12 months, but on this specific Thermostat, I replaced the batteries on 2/9/19, and today (11/11/19) got another warning to replace batteries!! (Duracell Alkaline LR6 used, as advised)

2 months?!?! Is anyone else experiencing this kind of battery lifetime? What about the supposed update, has that ever happened?


  • had the same email. Had another rad staying on all the time and was advised to change batteries even though app showed them as fully charged. Tado seem to have a problem with the app as well as a general problem with battery life. Let’s hope they fix it

  • It is a shame they seem to be unable to fix this problem... Will be spending a fortune in batteries if this carries on!! Can't even use rechargeable...

  • They have been 'working' on the software/battery issue for nearly 2 years now, claim up to 2 years battery life. Nonsense! Only if you don't use them! Not had to change them after 2 months though? They don't acknowledge they have software issues, more interested now in sitting back and charging people for basically inferior/inadequate operation.
  • Unfortunately, I completely agree with you...

    Shame, because I do like the Tado ecosystem, but they should really address this problem.

    This 2 month change has been a one off, most of them last roughly under a year, which is still less than half of what they promise!

  • Hello, Cami,

    We communicate for our Smart Radiator thermostats with the developments we've already implemented, one heating season, which corresponds with the regular use you're describing.

    A 2 months battery life would require to please contact our support, as we would need to investigate what could be causing it.

    best regards,


  • HI German,

    Thank you for your reply.

    As I said, the 2 month battery has been a one off, but if it happens again I will contact support.

    So now the expected battery life is one heating season, does that mean 6 months or 1 year?

    I'm pretty certain when the Smart Radiator Thermostats were released, battery life was advertised as 2 years?



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