Manual control completely &'*8!?! ?

We both have a irregular lifes and besides the main occupants, other people (cleaning , co- workers, guests) have no 'simple' control over the heating anymore since I've deployed the Tado system because there is no simple away or home button. One need to pay a monthly fee to have an automated geo-fencing. OK for me but what about my cleaning lady, etc.?

When I get up I need to set every room, no presets are to be found in the app. The actual situation is getting up, opening the Tado app, adjusting 5 rooms. That is about 25 clicks (or turning the knobs manually). Changing temp in one room in the app is minimum 7 clicks !!!.

Why not having programmable presets for every situation and make them accessible on the One Smart Thermostat, Google voice control & co and Widgets for the smart phone.?

Further more, the so called 'smart settings' can't be copied. Big fail.

I like the hardware very much, the basics of the software not.

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  • VertigoVertigo ✭✭✭
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    If you browse through this forum, you will find everyone and their dog has been asking for manual control over home/away, for a long time now. It just isnt happening. Feel free to guess if thats because tado fired all its software developers 3 years ago, or if they want to make the app as hard as possible to use if you dont pay for the autoassist feature. My money is on the latter since the Home and Away buttons already exist and are fully functional in the app. They are just hidden when you dont change your location, so Tado actively spent some development time in making this function inaccessible.

    A crude workaround is IFTTT. You can create an applet that sets all rooms to some fixed temperature, and another one that puts everthing back in automatic mode. I dont find this an acceptable solution, but it beats manually adjusting 8 zones.

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