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I think it would be super handy to be able to check the compatibility of my heating system before buying.

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  • They're all compatible, but the question of interface type could be answered.

    Unfortunately Tado take two completely contradictory views:

    1. Installation should be via trained Tado specialist

    2. "We HAVE to provide idiot instructions for self install and that's why we can't give you access to set up the control logic etc yourself"

    Unfortunately even the Tado training does not address either interfacing issues, or ability of installer to actually program the control logic required. Even a trained installer is at the mercy of Tado to set up the control logic etc if the app decides its anything other very simple predefined control solution.

    I will give credit to Tado for supporting so many interface types - best I could find in market for this. However there is some lack of clarity - see thread on eBus support.
  • Hmm, in terms of using in standard 'call for heat' mode I suppose one could argue they are all compatible. However at least currently they are not all compatible for eBus mode.

    Apparently the Vaillant VR66 controller - a new model has a different implementation of eBus which Tado have not yet been able to reverse engineer. Tado would however still work with this boiler and controller in old fashioned call for heat mode.

    I would certainly like to see a way to check the 'capabilities' of specific makes and models. This would then let people see the above example problem and let them have the opportunity to choose a different make/model.

  • in addition the on line communication is misleading, in this web page, for example

    tado explains that you can control hot water in baxi boilers under digital communication protocol. I just have Tado reprogrammed for the new heater and it doesn't control the hot water

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