Simple App Suggestions to make it better...

1) An ability to force refresh the tiles.

Many iPhone apps allow you to do this by dragging the window down. I think this is needed because I often see that the temp on the tile is way out of date. When I tap on a tile, I get the more recent temp. Also, the web app has the more recent temp. It seems to be an issue with the iPhone app. At the moment, I have to totally quit the app and restart it to get reliable figures.

2) Right swipe to 'come out' of a tile.

At the moment, if you tap on a tile to get info or set the temp, you have to tap on the cross on the top left. Why not enable 'swipe right' like other apps do. I find it a pain to reach that cross when using my phone one handed.

3) Remove the 2nd tap to change the temp

I'm not sure why I have to tap on a tile, then tap on the temp before I can change the temp. Why not just allow up and down swiping on the 1st screen?

4) You REALLY need to have some sort of 'copy and paste' of schedules.

If you set up a mildly complex one, it's a total pain to have to do it in all other related rooms

5) Ability to group rooms

I'd like to put all bedrooms in an 'upstairs' group for instance

That's it for now, but I've only had the app a couple of days and I've not installed all types of devices yet. I'm sure I'll have more comments in a week or 2.

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