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Realistic expectation of support time?


So I've ended up messing up what I think is just my configuration, but can't get any reasonable support even after quite a few hours, just rather fobbed off.

To cut a long story short, I had a Worcester CDI Classic boiler with the DT10RF wireless controller/stat and decided to remove that and go for a wired install. I did this simply as when I had the boiler installed, we kept the thermostat wiring between the hallway (where the thermostat is located) and the boiler just in case I ever wanted to reinstate things (or go for a smart option).

I'd already researched a bit and found that the wired option is very easy with Tado (My worcester boiler has a simple switched live for Central Heating demand). But on trying to install it via the installation wizard, I couldn't find any option that didn't involve needing to contact support (and they are not available on evenings to allow me to continue!).

So I found their 230v Relay installation instruction PDF on their website and as that is exactly how I wanted to install it I followed that instead. This also involved entering the installer menu and checking it was set correctly (The defaults where, R01/HC01/Ek X/HW X which are as the manual suggested anyway).

Using the Smart Thermostat manually or via a schedule works! So absolutely I'm confident it's wired correctly, however I now have some issues which I think are all configuration based, but getting any semi expedient help is next to impossible,.

  1. The Smart thermostat still shows the continue installation button (due to the trying to get by the wizard which can't handle converting to a simple wired setup).
  2. I removed a TRV then re-added it, but it won't let me assign it to a room, or create the same room it was in originally (Kitchen)..
  3. The TRV's don't seem to talk correctly with the Smart Thermostat and no demand is sent to the boiler when they need it.

From the odd error message, I think the TRV's aren't in the same heating zone as the thermostat (seems a configuration issue) and I don't know why it won't let me re-add the TRV in a new room, I assume that is also some configuration issue.

I've tried emailing (no response in 6 hours), so I tried web-chat and before I could even explain the issue at a high level and get them to check my configuration they just said I needed an extension kit and ended the chat with no chance to explain..

So I phoned the installers helpline that is on the freely available installation PDF on their website and as politely as the poor girl could, she had to end the call as that line is only for professionals..

So how long does support take generally to get 'proper' technical support, or am I in for a series of support interactions that will just tell me I need an extension kit, despite getting to the point the Smart thermostat is controlling the boiler?

Luckily I bought it on Amazon, so their return policy is excellent.. I'd rather not have to use it though, I chose Tado for a reason, with Hive/Nest not hitting the spot.. but maybe it's all a facard!

Any suggestions?


  • I wish I could help you but I can't. I would like to say that I think it is disgraceful that any company selling expensive and complex products refuse to speak to their customers. It's an insult to our intelligence to claim that a chat line is an improvement. Frankly, no such company should be allowed to get away with this. Some form of regulation is surely required.

  • So, bit of an update.

    After zero response all day, and being a bit fobbed off by web-chat and the installers phone line, I think I've fixed it!

    I 'simply' (after doing 20 minutes of searching online) realised you can 'delete' your home and then start again and create a new home!

    Since everything is still paired to the Internet bridge, you only need your card with the serial number stickers to quickly add devices.

    The best bit is, it restarted the installation wizard, and I had the option (I never saw last time) of manually installing it, although since I'd also done some searching and found my old wired thermostat make/model I was actually able to follow the wizard and double check I'd done everything correctly (luckily I had!)..

    So on adding everything, it all appears with no devices saying they need installing and a quick test seems to show everything works correctly (Smart thermostat + 2 TRV's)

    A bit of a shame that Tado support was so unresponsive, and it doesn't bode well if you actually needed support (such as 2 x TRVs in one room and wanting to set the master one which I believe only support can do)...

    Oh well, I'll give it a few days, see how it goes, then maybe think of expanding with more TRV's..

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