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At present the Tado App only allows one home per email address. As I commute weekly between two addresses, both equipped with Tado, I have to log out then log in again with second Email adress ( which I rarely use otherwise) . Even to view the status in a second home, I have to log out of Tado for the place where I am. All very tedious and, it would seem, unecessary. Before I equipped the second home with Tado I was assured that this feature was on its way,but thats now 2 years ago.

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  • This is so bothersome .I guess it is low on priority for Tado developers. Since there is no many of us who are crazy enough to install tado at their home and office too just to figure out how impossible is to track what is going on both locations at the same time. Two mobile phones? No way!

    I am so pissed off that I both Tado on both locations.

  • This is a must 1+
    It can be just profile switch
  • I have TADO thermostat kit in first house and very happy whit it, but now I am interested to buy TADO thermostat kit for my second house, and seems that APP is not supporting 2 house option, which is very bad, so probably I will need to search for another solution which is more comfortable for end user.

  • I need this too!!! badly! logging in between home and office is tedious!

  • I need this as well! What I currently do is use one through the app the other through the browser but this is not user friendly. I will try whether home kit allows to switch between locations. But this is just a workaround.
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