Assigning rooms to individual people in the household

Living in a household of 4. All 4 of us have a room no one of the others is using, would be good if the room switches to away mode if that individual leaves the house. Instead of heating every room just because one person is at home
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  • Thus exactly the same problem i have. It should standard to assign every person rooms they use and heat only them when at home...
  • I have the same suggestion, my older kids have there own rooms, and if we go out and one of them are in, all the rooms that are unoccupied are still being heated.
  • I dont understand issues like these, its equally hard for me to imagine no one at tado ever considered this (or the reality of babysitters sitting in the cold, or people with multiple addresses, or people working < 5 Km from their home, etc, etc, ), or that they did consider it and after all these years decided not to implement because reasons?

    Its not like these things are complicated. In my own home automation system it takes me maybe 10 minutes to set up, and thats because Im a novice who barely knows what he's doing . Does tado not have any developers left at all? If so, just open source your APIs and let others program it. Tado why do you hate your customers so much?

  • Hi,
    I have the same issue. Would be very nice if this would become a feature.
  • +1 from me.

    I don't see how this should be difficult. They already have the ability to set individual room temperatures, as well as the ability to automatically switch the heating on and off via geofencing. Should be a relatively simple thing to add one more feature by connecting the two?

  • Came here to post this idea. Nice to see it's already there.
  • +1, this really is an important missing feature. I'm not bothering with any smart valves till this possible.

  • I already do this via my Homey automation controller. It can talk to tado plus many other things and has presence detection with multiple users. The tado geofencing is by far the best so my Homey uses that to detect when people are home. I have also added a guest button to Homey that overrides the geofencing when someone is staying with us and is home when we are not.

    One of the benefits of tado providing an API for other controllers to interface to it.

    These features are great so it would be nice to see it built in to tado.

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