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Allow use of rechargeable batteries

While the smart radiator thermostats do seem to work with rechargeable batteries, you can never get rid of the low battery notifications and cannot tell when the batteries are about to die.
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  • This has to be fixed. I have 11 around my house and replacing 11 sets of double AA batteries every 9months or so is ludicrous and wasteful, goes against the green savings made elsewhere and the credentials of this organisation. Please fix. Soon.

  • Yes, I have encountered this previously & changed back to alkaline. I presume the ‘low battery’ indication is monitoring voltage & rechargeables are 1.2v as opposed to 1.5v.

    I think ‘normal’ battery charge falls away slower down to 1.0v than rechargeables.

    Perhaps just recalibrate to an absolute ‘LOW’ of 1.0v, with also a ‘MED’ above that.
  • Please make rechargeable batteries usable with Tado. It's amazing it's not already implemented.

  • Completely crazy that an energy efficiency product doesnt allow use of rechargeable batteries.

  • Fujitsu/Panasonic Eneloop Pro work for me and I rarely get the low battery warning.
  • Great to hear that Panasonic Eneloop Pro batteries work for you. I use them as well but ALWAYS get the low battery warning. Clearly not a simple fix.
    I just ignore the warning and charge them up
    before turning the heating back on after summer. The majority of them last through to turning the heat off again the following year.
    However, this seems against the professed values of Tado and I agree that it is ridiculous that this issue has still not been addressed.
  • I agree support for rechargeable batteries please
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