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Only heat separate rooms if main heating is on

I now set the temperature for separate rooms. What happens is - understandably - that the heating switches on as soon as the temperature drops below the set one. However, that means that the whole house is being heated, because the heating system obviously pumps water through the whole house.

It would be great - and more environment friendly - if there were an option like "only switch on while main heating is on".

The main heating will be on a lot in winter anyway, and for me it's often very acceptable if the separate rooms utilize the moment the main heating is on.
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  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    Can you tell us what Tado devices you have installed please? It sounds as though you do not have a full flow and return or you are not using Tado radiator thermostats.

  • I actually understand the poster’s request and would appreciate this feature. I have one large open area with a smart thermostat (no smart trv as there are 4 separate radiators in this area), and two smaller rooms each with a smart trv. The open area is the warmest part of the house and should be heated to target temperature always, while the other rooms have lower priority.

    What I would like to be able to do is:
    1) set main room temperature to 20 - boiler should fire as needed to maintain temperature

    2) set small room target to 20, and minimum temperature to 18 - boiler should fire to prevent going below minimum temperature, but smart valve should be kept open until target temperature is reached, in order to “piggy back” on heat called by the main room

    The main problem is that the main room can get too hot. For example, If I set all rooms to 20, the main room will get heated to 20+ when the small room gets colder faster and fires the boiler. If in order to prevent this I set the smaller room to e.g. 18, the smart TRV may not open even if the main room is being heated, and I will have a colder room than what I would like (which is 20).

    I suppose i could get 4 additional smart TRVs for the large room, but besides the acquisition cost this would also be non-economical from heating cost perspective. We do not have an individual boiler, it is shared for the whole apartment building, and we get billed according to the amount of time our apartment calls for heat. But even if it was an independent boiler, it is still more efficient to heat multiple rooms at the same time than to fire the boiler multiple times to satisfy heating needs of individual rooms.
  • Exactly what PedroAndrade is saying. I also have one main and two bedroom thermostats. No need so say more, it's exactly what he is saying. I will update my main post.
  • I don't think I can edit my main post. I'm going to take PedroAndrade's post to create a new idea.
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