AC control V3+ Learning / ventilation flap

Maybe it's an idea that we as consumer can also help to improve the product.

For example we use the AC control's together with Trane AC units, but every time we use the Tado the ventilation flap is on and the flap goes up/down etc while we want this off. This is an not integrated function yet.

Maybe it's possible to add an button/with custom icon to a function for what we want ourselves, and we can learn the Tado by using the makers remote button. So for example we add the button on the screen give it an icon like flap and we learn the tado that it is the function same as on the remote.

while doing this we can maybe integrate a complete "learning", for Tado itself. That we can take a picture in the learning program from the remote and brand/type etc and every button press we can send to the tado in this program. So that every keystroke is registered and send to headoffice of tado. in this we Tado will have more keystrokes and can add more and easily functions given by the users/consumers themselves.

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